Amazon gives you more than just KeyWord based ads

Amazon has surged as the third-largest ad platform (13% of digital ad spend in 2021), expected to reach 15% by 2024, per eMarketer. Its precise audience targeting using purchase and demographic data sets it apart. Brands can now target via keywords and demographics, tracking the entire consumer journey for optimal ROAS. The transcript also prompts consideration of sponsored Display Retargeting ads for improved customer engagement.


Shahzeb from Adsify

8/31/20231 min read


According to a recent report by eMarketer, Amazonis the third largest advertising platform, accounting for 13% of total digital ads spend in 2021, and they expectedShare to rise to 15% by 2024.

This comes as a surprise as Amazon only started splitting out advertising revenue figures last year.

One of the major factors that are contributing to Amazon's ad growth is its ability to target audiences with precision better than the other alternatives available in the market.

So the ability to target consumers based on actual purchase and consideration activity in addition to demographic profile is very attractive to a brand advertiser.

A brand can now target shoppers not only by keywords, but through ad impressions targeting users with specific demographic, behavioural or psychographic attributes.

This ability to track the consumer journey from inception to completion is highly compelling to a brand whois looking for actual ROAS on their ad spend.

So how is your ROAS looking these days?

Have you started targeting your customers through sponsored Display Retargeting ads?