Do this if you're not getting good ACOS off your Amazon Ad Campaigns.

"Unlocking Success with Sponsored Brands Video: Amazon's Untapped Ad Product" podcast reveals the hidden potential of Sponsored Brands Video in Amazon advertising. Discover how leveraging videos can lower CPC rates, increase visibility, and create a strong brand image. Drive higher engagement and boost ROAS with this powerful ad format. Tune in now to learn more!


Himanshu from Adsify

8/9/20231 min read


So if you are tired with high CPC rates, if you are not able to get top of the search visibility, just try Sponsored brands Video.

Why I am saying this is because Sponsored brands video is still an untapped product of Amazon Ads.

You might not even see videos on all keywords. Not all sellers are doing it and now they have the ability to create good videos and market it.

Not all will put that amount of effort into it. So the same first-page visibility that you are getting in for like Rs 10 per click, you might get it in RS 5 on the same keyword on sponsored brand Video.

And another reason why most people don't do it is because it lets you advertise only one product in one campaign. And most sellers think who would spend time to create videos for like 100, 200, 300 Asin’s that I have.

But trust me videos, to help you create your brand image. It shows your customer the product really well even before they have clicked on the ad.

And the real estate that a sponsored brand video ad occupies on a mobile screen or even on a laptop screen, desktop screen is like big.

So higher engagement, higher CTRs, higher view rates and lower CPC.

Sponsored brand video is like for now at least is one thing that someone can ask from Amazon ads or maybe someone can, you know If you're asking for something ideal or the best thing, this is what it should be, right?

If you are a ROAS oriented seller, it's like this is the thing for you.

I've seen sellers getting double the ROAS on video ads comparative to sponsored product ads as well as sponsored brands, right?

Even when they are advertising the same product and on the same keyword.