Do this to drive cross-sell and up-sell for your brand on Amazon

"Maximizing Sales Potential: Unleashing the Power of Amazon Brand Stores" podcast uncovers the untapped potential of Brand Stores on Amazon. Learn how to leverage this mini-website within the marketplace to showcase your full product range, build customer trust, and increase average order value. Discover the cross-selling opportunities and the impact on ad performance. Tune in now for actionable insights and boost your brand's success on Amazon!


Himanshu from Adsify

7/19/20231 min read


Brand Stores, according to me, is one of the most underrated things on Amazon.

So in Ecommerce, there are these two worlds.

One is the Marketplace world and the other one is the D2C world.

Some brands make really big in D2C. Some do really well in Marketplaces. Brand Store kind of gives you the best of both the worlds. You get the trust of a marketplace like Amazon, and you also get your own real estate within that marketplace, within Amazon, right?

Brand Store is your mini website, your own property. If you take a customer on a product detail page, there are 100 competitors who are trying to take that customer away from you just by showing ads, showing better pricing, better ratings, Etc. Etc.

But if you take the same customer on the Brand Store, there is no other competitor who can take it away from you.

The customer can explore the full product range and the different product lines that you have. So, let me give an example on this - Let's suppose you run an offline shop for maybe mobile accessories. Whenever a customer comes in and asks for a mobile cover, you will obviously show them multiple designs to choose from. I mean, that's the kind of job that you do as a sales person. It's not like you will show one design and tell them to go to another shop or to another showroom for more options.

Moreover, let's say once you are done selling the mobile phone cover, you might also show them the screen protector or other accessories that you have to offer within your store. So the same logic applies to online sales as well. On Brand Store, you can show a range of products as well as try and cross sell other products as well to the same customer.

This will help in increasing your average order value. And those who know the Amazon advertisement will understand that higher the average order value, I mean, the better your ads, it will obviously help you in improving your ad performance as well.

So if you want to walk away with one action item, go check your traffic on the Brand Store. And if it's like less, if you feel like you're not driving enough customers to your Brand Store, start advertising your Brand Store through sponsored brand ads.