Facebook Ads Vs Amazon Ads What's Better?

"The Advertising Dilemma: Amazon vs. Social Media" podcast delves into the unique challenges and advantages of advertising on Amazon and social media platforms. Discover how to strategically leverage each channel based on your brand's goals and customer intent. Tune in for expert insights on optimizing your media strategy.


Himanshu from Adsify

7/12/20232 min read


So I get this question a lot.

See, you cannot compare Amazon ads with social media ads as such. But as a business owner we tend to compare different channels with each other.

And I understand that social media is more of top and middle of the funnel ads and Amazon ads rather have full funnel products and bottom of the funnel conversions are really strong on Amazon ads.

So what I mean by that is if a customer is on social media, they're not there for buying, they're there for entertainment, right?

If you show your ads, it's highly likely that they're not going to buy it right away.

I read somewhere I forgot the source, but it says a customer on an average sees the display ad or social media and at least 7 times before they make a purchase.

And the study was in context to be to see only for B2C For B2B. It's totally different.

So it's harder for a brand to convert a customer from social media.

Another reason why it's harder as you are bringing them to a different site and in many cases customer experience breaks.

Maybe the page load time is not good, the internet is not good at the customer's end, the website design is not good, etcetera, etcetera.

On top of that, in India people don't trust unknown websites easily unless you are a big brand.

It's changing gradually with time, but we still have a long way to go, I feel.

While in Amazon people have their credit cards handy or saved an Amazon app, they are there to buy things.

So the intent is totally different.

They already trust Amazon. Moreover, Amazon has a display that is top of the funnel and middle of the funnel product.

Then search driven sponsored brand ads and sponsored product ads which will help you drive the bottom of the funnel.

And then you have retargeting also which will help you drive even more conversion ads, bottom of the funnel.

So if you are more focused towards the bottom line, the profits for your business go aggressive on Amazon ads.

But if you are already doing good and want to work towards brand building as well, go for social media also.

So both the channels have their own benefits You have to assess which stage your brand is in and based on that you've got to plan your media strategy.