GST Exempted Categories on Amazon

"Unlock the Secrets of GST Exemptions: Understand which products on Amazon fall under GST exemptions! Discover the categories that are exempt from GST taxation, ranging from essential food items to cultural artifacts and tools. Stay informed about these exemptions to navigate the tax landscape effectively and optimize your selling strategies on the platform."


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12/15/20233 min read

You might have heard about GST (Goods and Services Tax) - it’s that extra charge added to most things we buy. But here's the surprise: not everything comes with this tax! There's a special list of things that are either tax-free or exempt from GST. Let's dive into what these items are.

GST is a kind of tax that replaced a bunch of other taxes in India. It applies to most goods and services we buy. But, interestingly, not all products carry this tax.

Did you know? Some items are exempt from GST! Understanding these exemptions helps us know which things get a pass on this tax.

Types of GST Categories

There are two main types of product categories based on taxes: some have GST (we call them ‘GST Levied’), while others don’t need to pay this tax (we call them ‘GST Exempt’). It’s like two different clubs for products – some pay GST, others don’t – and it all depends on what they are.

Why Some Products Are GST Exempt. There are three main reasons:

  • General Exemption: Sometimes, the government decides that certain things should be exempt from GST. They can either fully or partially exempt these items based on what’s good for the public. These exemptions might have some rules attached to them.

  • Special Orders: In some special cases, the GST Council might suggest that the Central or State Government exempt certain products. Then, these governments make special rules to exempt those specific items from GST.

  • Notifications: Some products get exempted because the government officially announces it in a notification.

Different Kinds of GST Exemptions for Goods:

  • Absolute Exemption: These items are exempt from GST no matter what. It doesn’t matter who buys them, who sells them, or where they come from – they’re just free from this tax.

  • Conditional Exemption: Some things get exempted from GST based on certain conditions and rules mentioned in the GST Act, amendments, or notifications.

Here’s a simple list of the kinds of products that don’t have to pay GST on Amazon, based on those rules we talked about:


● Cereals

● Edible fruits and vegetables (not frozen or processed)

● Edible roots, tubers, fish, and meat (not packaged or processed)

● Tender coconut

● Jaggery

● Unprocessed Tea leaves

● Unroasted Coffee beans

● Seeds

● Ginger

● Salt

● Turmeric

● Betel leaves

● Papad

● Non-branded flour, gram flour, whole flour

● Non-branded natural honey

● Unpacked paneer

● Bread

● Puffed rice

● Eggs

● Dairy products - milk, curd, lassi, buttermilk

● Aquatic feed

● Poultry and cattle feed

● Supplements

Raw materials

● Raw silk, jute, wool

● Silk waste

● Khadi fabric

● Cotton used for khadi yarn

● Raw jute fibre

● Firewood

● Charcoal

● Handloom fabrics


● Hearing aids

● Hand tools like spades and shovel

● Tools for agricultural work

● Handmade musical instruments

● Aids and implements for physically challenged people


● Books, maps, newspapers, journals

● Non-judicial stamps, postal items

● Drawing or colouring books for children

● Educational services

● Live animals (except horses)

● Beehives

● Human hair, blood, and semen

● Bangles

● Chalk sticks

● Contraceptives

● Earthen pots

● Items used in pooja like idols, bindi, kumkum

● Kites

● Indian national flag

● Gandhi topi

● Organic manure

● Vaccines

Conclusion: Cultivating awareness about GST exemptions on Amazon is a strategic advantage for sellers. Recognizing the breadth of products exempt from GST opens doors to new opportunities. By understanding these exemptions, sellers can optimize offerings, adapt pricing strategies, and target niche markets more effectively. Leveraging this knowledge not only streamlines compliance but also empowers sellers to curate offerings that align with tax exemptions, enhancing competitiveness and fostering growth in the dynamic marketplace of Amazon.

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