How Bombay Greens grew their sales by 70% within 90 Days.

Bombay Greens is a D2C brand that sells DIY gardening kits and fertilizers for home gardening. Started by a Mumbai based couple in 2022, Bombay Greens is helping people grow exotic veggies at their home and make their gardening experience rewarding.


6/8/20221 min read

The Problem:

The brand had an objective of sales growth. Their sales had plummeted to half after the second wave of COVID in 2021. They wanted to ensure their ad spends ratios remain the same and wanted to grow their sales by 50% in 3 months.

The Solution:

We leveraged seasonal trends by shifting our advertising efforts towards

promoting the gardening products during the peak gardening season in India. This targeted approach allowed us to optimize ad spend, maximize visibility for the desired brand, and capitalize on increased customer demand for gardening products through full-funnel advertising using SP, SB, SBv and SD.

Moreover, we started investing more on Brand Store and Defence campaigns to drive cross/up sell for the brand.


This led to an increment of 70% in sales within 3 months at an ACoS of 25%.

Here's what Tanvi from Bombay Greens has to say about us:

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