How Skyvik grew their sales by 31% within 60 Days.

Skyvik is a premium mobile accessories D2C brand that sells mobile photography lenses for mobile enthusiasts. Skyvik’s premium range of products also include wireless chargers, car phone chargers and holders


9/8/20221 min read


The brand partnered with us in May 2022 with an objective of sales growth. Their sales stagnant at 40L per month since Jan 2022. They wanted to ensure their ACoS to remain below 20% and TACoS below 11% while looking for a 25% Sales growth Month-on-Month.


We leveraged Brand Analytics and PI Insights to find out top trending category keywords wherever brand’s “Share of Voice” was low.

We created a mix of SP, SB, SBv and SD campaigns using keyword and product targeting to target the user across their customer journey for these keywords.

This helped in increasing the Share of Voice of the brand in wireless chargers and and phone holders by almost 3X.


This led to:

  • An increment of 31% in sales within 2 months at an ACoS of 21%.

  • 90% growth in wireless chargers and 120% growth in phone holders.

Here's what Baljinder from Skyvik has to say about us:

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