How to get your Brand registered on Amazon. Step-by-Step Guide.

This comprehensive tutorial will show you how to register your Brand on Amazon. This blog offers actionable advice onThis comprehensive tutorial will show you how to register your Brand on Amazon. This blog offers actionable advice on how to use Brand Registry, and utilize brand tools. It also provides guidance for establishing brand qualification and obtaining trademarks, as well as creating a Seller's Central account. This tutorial will help you establish a strong presence for your brand and protect your intellectual property. Register your brand now and start selling to millions.


7/12/20233 min read

It is important for companies to register their brand on Amazon in order to protect their intellectual properties and establish their presence on one of the largest ecommerce platforms. This blog post will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create your Amazon brand, which ensures a smooth and protected selling process.

Step 1: Establish Brand Eligibility:

You must meet certain requirements to register your brand with Amazon. You must have a distinctive and unique brand name. You should also own trademark rights for your brand, and have a professional website or social media presence that showcases your brand identity.

Step 2: Trademark registration:

It is important to have a trademark registered for your brand before you can proceed with Amazon's registration process. This protects your intellectual property as well as preventing unauthorised use of your brand by others. Use online resources or consult a trademark lawyer to learn about the registration process in your country.

Step 3: Create an account with Seller Central:

Create a Seller Central Account on Amazon if you do not already have one. This account is your portal to manage your brand, your inventory and your sales on the platform. During the registration process, ensure that you provide all required information.

Step 4: Access to the Brand Registry Portal:

Navigate to the Amazon Brand Registry once you have an account with Seller Central. This portal was designed for brand owners who want to manage and enroll their brands on Amazon.

Step 5: Register Your brand:

Click on "Enroll your brand" in the Brand Registry portal. Enter the necessary information including your brand's name, trademark registration details and contact information. Please provide accurate and current information to avoid delays or rejections in the enrollment process.

Step 6: Validate your brand:

Amazon will verify your brand's authenticity by reviewing the provided information. This process of verification may require you to submit additional documentation or proof in support of your claim. Be prepared to present trademark registration certificates, packaging samples or other relevant documents.

Step 7: Use Brand Tools and Protective Measures:

Amazon offers a variety of tools and protections for your brand once it has been approved. These tools include Brand Analytics and Enhanced Brand Content. They also allow you to create Brand Stores. These features will help you to increase your brand's visibility and engagement with customers.

Step 8: Monitor Your brand and protect it:

It is important to protect and actively monitor your brand integrity as a registered Amazon brand. Use the Brand Registry to report any counterfeit or infringement listings. Monitor customer reviews, listings and seller activity regularly to identify any unauthorised uses or violations of your trademark.

Step 9: Stay informed and updated:

Amazon's policies, requirements and rules may change with time. Keep informed by reviewing Amazon's Brand Registry Guidelines, attending webinars and workshops, or engaging with the seller communities. Staying updated will allow you to adapt to changes and make the most of new opportunities.

Conclusion: Registering a brand on Amazon will help you establish a strong online presence, and protect your intellectual property. This tutorial will help you navigate the registration process confidently, and ensure a smooth, protected experience selling on Amazon. Register your brand and start selling on Amazon.

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