Prime Day 2024 Checklist: Your Guide to Maximizing Sales

Get ready for Prime Day 2024 on July 20th-21st with this comprehensive checklist to help you rise above the competition.


Shahzeb From Adsify

7/8/20242 min read

Prime Day is approaching fast (20th-21st July). I know you're as excited as I am. Last year Amazon reported a 18X increase in traffic for top brands.

As exciting it is, it's equally difficult to rise above your competition to drive visibility and conversions during the traffic spike. No worries, I've jotted down a complete checklist for you here:

Pre Prime Day

Step 1 : Set the right expectations and send your inventory to FBA.

Check with your category account managers for expected growth for your account.

Get your inventory inbound before 20th to all FBAs.

Step 2 : Drive traffic

Create Discount Codes and send them to your email list.

Create coupons on Amazon and schedule them for Prime Day.

Work with Account Managers to set Prime Exclusive Deals.

Increase budgets of your best performing campaigns by 2-3X.

Increase the top of the search by 100% for the campaigns for your top products.

Add campaigns for your latest launches. No better time to push your new products.

Step 3 : Improve conversion rates

Add videos to your top 10 products

Explain features and benefits in the images with the help of infographics.

Add brand story and carousel A+ content to make the listing more engaging.

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During Prime Day

Real-time monitoring: Closely track your sales data, inventory levels, and competitor activity throughout Prime Day. This allows you to identify trends and adjust your strategies on the fly to maximise sales.

Advertising optimization: Continuously monitor and optimise your advertising campaigns throughout Prime Day.

Post Prime Day

Analyse performance: Analyse sales data and performance metrics to identify successes and areas for improvement.

Manage inventory: Evaluate remaining inventory levels and adjust inventory management strategies accordingly.

Plan for future events: Start planning for Independence day and Diwali sales.

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