Track and adjust your spending based on ASIN performance

This podcast transcript outlines a strategy for optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns. It involves grouping ASINs with shared keywords in ad groups, monitoring performance, and removing underperforming products. By focusing on the best-performing ASINs, adjusting bid prices, and repurposing switched-off ASINs, you can improve sales and ROI.


Shahzeb from Adsify

8/31/20231 min read


Usually, in our Amazon PPC campaigns, we add 4 or 5 Asins in one ad group and they share the same keywords.

Over time you will be able to see which asin performs the best in that ad group and which one doesn't.

To produce the most sales and the best return for your Amazon PPC campaign remove the products that do not perform well in an ad group over time.

By doing this, you send your impressions and clicks to the best performing asin the one that was more likely to convert.

Also, by adjusting your bid price, you can control where on page your ad will show and how many clicks you should get.

You can continue to adjust this until your spending and sales reach an optimal level.

The Asins which are switched off can be used to make new campaigns or lower bids to dominate product placement and new keywords.