What is a Good Amazon Campaign Naming Structure?

Unlock the Power of Amazon Advertising Campaign Naming! 🚀 Dive into the world of Amazon advertising and discover how a well-structured campaign name can transform your advertising strategy. In this episode, we reveal the secrets to crafting the perfect Amazon campaign name, breaking it down into five essential components for clarity and efficiency. Whether you're looking to filter campaigns by ASIN, product category, or objectives, we've got you covered.


Shahzeb from Adsify

9/28/20231 min read


Campaign naming is an easy to overlook aspect of Amazon advertising.

Well, until you want to locate a specific campaign in the sea of active campaigns and you find yourself checking them one by one, here are some of the ways you want to search and filter your ad campaigns based on ASIN, based on product category, your product name, or your campaign objective.

The best Amazon campaign names consist of five distinct parts

(1) A short name of the product

(2) A ASINs

(3)A Ad type

(4) A target type

(5) A match type.

Now, if you haven't used this method and are facing the obvious issue, things are just a bulk update away ping us If you need help on how to do it in a few clicks.